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Team Building in soccer

What is required for a sport team?

There are several types of team sports used to increase team-building; however, soccer is the most famous and well-known for its technique.


This popular sport requires striving communication and coordination skills among all teammembers. As in the business world, in a soccer match it is also very important to maintain a fluent communication to achieve goals successfully when executing strategic plans.

Therefore, team building activities used by soccer coaches during trainings can be implemented in the business world to pursue common goals.

Here is a brief list of the benefits acquired by the participants when performing these soccertraining exercises. Isn’t it a great idea to implement them in your incentive trips as an efficient team building tool?

Improves team work and strengths communication skills

Coordination is an important skill in the business world to know-how to organize large groups. This skill is also very important in soccer, where all eleven players have the responsibility to watch for each other on the field and off it.

Leisure activities out of the business atmosphere promote the way to approach communication among each team member in a more relaxed and fun way. To improve communication, it is important that all team members have the chance to socialize with their colleges and know each other in a more personal way to find and share common interests that facilitate closeness. A fun way to break the ice is playing a soccer match where both leisure and strategy can be applied. One of the main benefits gained during an incentive trip when a team sport takes place is the improvement of the communication and coordination skills when executing strategic plans.

Goal setting and alignment

Both concepts are linked together and they should be implemented to achieve goals. After a few days practicing soccer and applying both concepts to score and win a match, it is easy to appreciate the improvement of both skills among team members. Same way is applicable while reaching business goals.

Training and recovery

An excellent quality training should work on weakness, strengths and abilities to develop expertise. As for soccer players discipline and training are important abilities, they should be for your business team. It is important to recognize failures and learn how to overcome them. Sharing ideas and experiences among team members of different departments in an honest communication atmosphere, helps to widen the view of each team member and facilitates the way they approach obstacles.

Results improvement

As communication skills and team performance are important in soccer, so it is the leader or coach guidance. To identify opportunities and make quick and right decisions, good leadersshould know by heart the strengths and weakness of each team member. This truly helps to make the right decisions on how to enhance the game depending on what position they play. During an incentive trip that includes soccer activities better leadership skills can be developed.

Soccer team

Soccer team members celebrating the victory

There are several examples on how soccer coaches have contributed significantly in the improvement of results. For instance, Pep Guardiola, who is currently coaching the Manchester City F.C. and was the former F.C. Barcelona coach said the following sentence regarding the management of a team in one interview:

“We tend to be very ruthless with the results. Satisfactory results mean you have done it correctly, and bad results mean you have done it wrong. And that is not fair, because there are people who performs well but results come in the long term” – Pep Guardiola – and those results last longer than fast/short term results.

Shared benefits between soccer and business

Score a goal

Improve sales.

Reduce stress

Improves communication, develops better coordination and reduces costs. Take advantage of the competitor’s weakness to innovate, gain market share and launch new products.

When to pass the ball

It is necessary within a company to know when and how to delegate tasks and responsibilities according to workloads and expertise areas.

When to celebrate victories

Victories should be celebrated and shared with the team, as results are reached by the interaction of different departments. These types of celebrations motivate those involved to get better results.

Therefore, remember that there are many benefits of including soccer team building activitiesduring an incentive trip. If you have an upcoming incentive trip, do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding team building activities at We will answer to all your questions.

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