The Halal Tourism in Spain

Halal is an increasingly common term in the tourist industry. The “Muslim friendly” destinations are those that have been adapted to the needs of the Muslim tourists and are becoming each time more frequent and of a higher demand.


Halal is a term that makes a reference to any permissible practices by Islamic Law, including food, behavior or manners, clothing, etc.

Taking into consideration that one in four people on this planet is ordinary consumer of this type of products, based on the precepts of Islam, this new market is a business opportunity for all companies and countries who know how to adapt their services to those clients.



Spain has been one of the pioneers in this industry developing new business opportunitieslike slaughterhouses specialized in Halal ritual, as well as, restaurants and hotels and many special projects such as the Halal Institute, the Agrópolis Foundation or The Halal School.

The Halal tourist is very demanding, and it is generally moved by different motivations such as the historical and cultural tourism, the good gastronomy, the beaches and mountains tourism as well as shopping and football.

Cordoba Halal

Cordoba Halal

In Spain, their favorite destinations are those following the different Al-Andalus Routs, visiting historical destinations such as the incredible cities of Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga and other cities as the capital Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain has become one of the Muslim and Halal tourist main destinations considering that it combines many things that the Muslim tourist is looking for: art and culture related to the Arab legacy, Halal meals, architecture and art, tradition combined with modernism of World Heritage monuments and cities, etc.

Besides all that, and being Spain very close to Morocco and Portugal, this fact allows the tourist to combine different destinations in one unique trip.

La Alhambra, Granada, Spain

La Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Premium Incoming has a great experience in handling groups interested in Halal Tourism,due to the fact that most of our customers are Muslim. For this type of tourists we have developed special programs that are highly adapted to their needs, included the following services:

  • Selection of restaurants and hotels with Halal certification
  • Specific facilities for women comfortably installed
  • Creation of simultaneous itineraries for different participants in the same group
  • Hotels with rooms with Qibla Direction, to help find direction of Makkah.
  • Special services during the Ramadan period.
  • Etc.

Our goal is to make our clients feel more comfortable with a very special treatment adapted to their needs and specific requirements. We strive to take care of every detail to ensure that our client’s time with us is unforgettable.

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