Tranvía Nostálgico Línea 91

Prague´s Nostalgic tram line 91

The first electric tram in Prague started to operate in 1891 and suddenly, it became the most used massive transport in the city. Strongly attached to the city´s history the tram is an excellent way to tour Prague either individual or for incentive groups. The Line 91 offers a perfect city view with a historical atmosphere in private wagons.


The nostalgic tram route will let you know the most attractive and impressive areas of Prague. From the beginning you will find out the ancient district of Mala Strana characterized by the baroque architecture and the impressive views of the Moldava river and the castle on the other side. When the tram starts to cross the river you will have the opportunity to see how amazing is the magnificent Charles bridge and his particular gothic style.


The national theatre is also one of the most important monuments in which you can appreciate incredible plays such as classical opera, ballets or some live performance. You will also enter into the middle of Wenceslao square and get involved by the multicultural and commercial environment recognizing the historical events happened throughout the past. You will have a great experience tour boarding on the nostalgic tram having a general view of Prague in which you will appreciate the charming town on a different way.

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