Hammam Al Andalus. Cordoba

Hammam Al Andalus. the Arab baths of Al Andalus in Spain

Based on the concept of healthy leisure activities and the conservation of the heritage and the Andalusian culture, the Hammam Al Andalus project began in 1998. Currently there are four centers, three of which are located in important Andalusian cities with strong Arab tradition like Cordoba, Granada and Malaga and another one is located at downtown Madrid.


All the facilities were built on archaeological and historical remains, reflecting different stages of the Andalusian architecture.

The Arab baths consist of three different environments, watermarked and their different temperatures and label the (hot, warm and cold) rooms. The complete tour, which takes almost an hour and half, includes steam rooms, rooms for resting and hot stone rooms where customers can enjoy the selected treatment. All accompanied by an Andalusian music background.

Ritual Hammam
Hammam Ritual


Granada was the capital of the Nasrid Kingdom being one of the Spanish cities with more Arab tradition of the whole country, and that culture can be found in all its facets. Located at the foot of the Alhambra, within the Albaicin neighborhood, the Hammam of Granada was the first to open its doors to the public in 1998.


Considered as the largest Arab bath in Europe, the Hammam of Cordoba is located within the Jewish quarter, near the famous Mosque-Cathedral. Reflected in its facilities, the customer can discover the great Andalusia tradition and all its history.

Hammam Cordoba
Hammam Cordoba


The Hammam of Malaga (the newest) has one of the most modern facilities of all with beautiful decoration inspired by the Arab Andalusian style, combining tradition and modernity. One of the unique experiences you can have in the Malaga Hammam is the so called Biznaga, a classic bouquet of jasmine used during the massages.

Hammam Málaga
Hammam Málaga


Raised on the remains of an ancient cistern, a few meters away from the Puerta del Sol Square, you can find the Hammam of Madrid. A space for relaxation and wellness at the very heart of the Spanish capital. One of the unique experiences you can have in this Hammam is the so called Rincon de los Aromas, where you can smell and select the essential oil which will be used during the massage.

Hammam Al Andalus. Madrid
Hammam Al Andalus. Madrid

If you want to live a full experience in one of these Hammams do not hesitate to contact Premium Incoming and book your immemorial visit.

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