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Formula 1 Italian Grand prix 2017

The best Formula 1 race in Italy


If you are a true Formula 1 racing enthusiast keep reading, because we bring you some good news. The Italian Grand Prix starts the first day of September in Monza, on the outskirts of Milan. This Grand Prix invites you to travel to Italy with style. Are you going to miss it?

The Italian GP has a duration of three days. September 1st (Friday) will be hosting the practice; the qualifying will be done during the 2nd September (Saturday); and the last day, 3rd September (Sunday) the race will take place! The event program is already scheduled and available at the official webpage of F1.

Why go to Italian Grand Prix 2017?

The sporting event will be hold at the fantastic Monza National Racetrack, approximately 30 minutes away from the Italian fashion capital, Milan, and near to the glacial Lake Como.

This racetrack is the fastest Formula One circuit of the calendar and one of the most evocative for the F1 fans. The perfect combination of speed and skill, which usually results in the most spectacular races of all times. Races full of adrenaline surrounded with the unique sound of the car engines are waiting for you.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso celebrating his victory at the podium while he sprays champagne. 12th September 2010. Copyright: Andrew Ferraro for LAT Photographic

But there is more than a weekend get-away! In case you want to come with your family or friends, check the destination guide F1 has prepared for you full of charming nearby destinations and useful tips.

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