Tendencias Gastronómicas para eventos

6 gastronomic trends for events

The new gastronomic trends, as the boom of the Foodies, the healthy and artisanal food, or the using of unique and original formats, have been incorporated to the corporate events. We bring you some of the latest trends.


When we organize a corporate event is important to care to the smallest detail to make the experience of the participants unique and unforgettable.

One way to make a difference is through gastronomic experiences, as those that we have seen in recent corporate events and conventions. The gastronomy is gaining prominence and the companies are more concern in innovating on this aspect of the event.

Food Truck

The Food Trucks are a symbol of the American food. Small trucks that we can find in the streets and which offer dishes of all kinds. Their use, with a new concept that emphasizes the care of the design as well as the gastronomic offer, has come to the world of the corporate events. A new way to surprise to the attendants, with different Food Trucks offering diverse and unique dishes with a fun and original presentation.

Food Trucks
Food Trucks

A similar trend is the “Street Food”, which consist in various stands, as in traditional markets, with different dishes and meals from different places. In this way participants do not get bored and can enjoy a varied offer.

Comfort Food

This new trend tries to escape of the excesses and the new modernist aspects to return to the origins of the kitchen. A gastronomic offer that shows the real local cuisine, but with great attention to the detail. Tradition, pleasure for the food and simplicity, but without ignoring quality and presentation.

Comfort Food
Comfort Food

Your home, my restaurant

Another trend that is seeing in corporate events is the organization of meetings in special and original venues, such as private houses. The host and a local chef will prepare the food in the house while the attendants can participate in the preparation of the dishes and the entertainment of the event. This is an original way to approach the local food and traditions in corporate events. You can also accompany the evening with live music or a cocktail workshop.

Tu casa mi restaurante
Your home my restaurant

Pop – Up Restaurants

The Pop – Up Restaurants are temporary restaurants usually located in original and atypical places, such as private houses, museums, factories, agencies, etc. It seeks to innovate, both in the culinary field as in the organization of unique events usually sponsored by a renown chef.

Pop – Up Restaurant
Pop – Up Restaurants

Organic and premium food

People has become more concerned about the quality and origin of the food served, so it doesn’t surprised that one of the trend growing among event organizers is the ecological and organic food. Selected foods that improve the metabolism and health, as well as promoting the local economy and producers and primarily providing high quality products.

Hotel chains such as NH offers breakfast for company events based in antioxidants, 100% natural juices, seasonal fruits and vegetables and foods that provides all the necessary nutrients for a full workday.

Alimentos Organicos
Organic Food

Molecular cuisine

The molecular cuisine consists in the incorporation of science to the culinary arts, and is based on the study of the properties of each food. It searches for innovation in the kitchen and introducing new technologies to gastronomy. A unique and cutting-edge proposal that can give your event that exclusive touch.

Cocina Molecular
Molecular cuisine

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