Top 6 European Destinations for MICE

There are plenty of factors to consider for planning a successful corporate event, conference or incentive trip; but when executed successfully, there’s no greater feeling. Choosing the right location is one of the main determinants. Here is our Top 6 European Destinations for MICE, to guarantee the most unforgettable event ever!


#1 Barcelona, Spain

An average yearly temperature of 21 degrees, sunshine around 73% of the year, beach and mountain extraordinary landscapes, wide range of 4* and 5* hotels right in the city centre, and the incredible service they offer. After the hotels comes the gastronomy scene and the list goes on with the vast range of event venues in Barcelona, suiting all types of events. In conclusion, it’s easy to find out why Barcelona head our list of Top 6 European destinations for MICE.

We suggest the famous Casa Llotja de Mar. The construction of this iconic building dates back to the 14th century. As well as the breathtaking architecture, the different spaces within the Casa Llotja del Mar let large groups enjoy the event together.


Casa Llotja de Mar

Casa Llotja de Mar


#2 Berlin, Germany

This city has been up-and-coming for the last 10 years and has become a very popular choice for corporate events. The hospitality industry is booming in Berlin, with over 780 hotels of varying service and budget ranges. Not to mention, the underground culinary scene has gained the city quite the reputation.

Berlin has a unique combination of vibes. We love the contrast between the reminders of major events that changed history, the edgy industrial districts, and the beautiful green gardens like the Tiergarten and the Grunewald.


Tiergarten, Berlin

Tiergarten, Berlin


#3 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a vibrant mix of history, architecture, gastronomy, and even music. Prague is enjoyed by all different types of travellers, making for an interesting melting pot! From opera and history buffs to gastro-lovers, Prague has something for everyone.

You can get delicious local meals, affordable private transportation, and stay in an excellent accommodation. Not to mention, the venues in Prague are far from ordinary.

The amount of 5* hotels within a relatively small vicinity is fantastic. It’s no secret that Prague isn’t the largest city in the world, but it is home to top hotel brands like the Mandarin and Four Seasons Hotel.





#4 Paris, France

Paris is one of the most adored cities in the world and for good reason. From the historic landmarks, to the Seine River, and of course the food, this brilliant and vivacious city makes for the perfect European corporate meeting destination.

There is so much to see! Apart from a surprising range of historical event venues, the city tends to attract more attendees for corporate events because of the endless activities.





#5 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most liberal cities, both in law and in overall attitude. The enchanting architecture and winding canals quickly make people fall in love with the city.

The unique venues and their locations cannot be beaten. The versatility of this city makes finding creative venues an enjoyable experience.

Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular dinner venues in Amsterdam is the Restaurant EYE. Clients are transported by boat to get to this waterfront restaurant. It is one of those wonderful evenings where you forget that your dinner is actually work-related.




#6 Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is an amazing location for corporate events for obvious reasons. The weather is delightful, the culture is relaxed, creating a unique atmosphere for corporate events. This European corporate meeting destination becomes more and more popular each year as event teams are starting to notice the perks: sun, beach, sea, wine, fish…

They can’t get enough of the Mediterranean vibes.

The easy access. Some cities are more remote than others, but Lisbon has direct flights from most major European airports, as well as the UK. Not to mention the ticket prices are usually very affordable!





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