Planificación de eventos. Listados

Organisation of events. 4 steps to plan a successfull event

Premium Incoming offers a fully personalized service for your conference or corporate event to be a success. We are specialized in MICEsector (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Events).


A highly qualified professional team is at your disposal and will take care of the entire organization of your event, planning and coordinating the whole services involved.

We work from creating a new and original concept of venue, by selecting the best location, transportation, catering service and menus, guests´ invitations and all the necessary to perform a perfect event according tour our customer preferences and budget.

Here you have the most important steps in planning and organizing a business meeting, conference, product launch or a corporate event:

1. Development of the briefing

The first thing that we need to do is a meeting with the client. This meeting will determine in detail the needs and requests of the client as well as to raise and decide questions such as:

  • What kind of event it is going to be?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Which are the goals of the event?
  • What budget do you have?
  • Etc …

Meeting with clients
Meeting with clients

2. Defining the Event

Once you know what the client needs and wants you should develop the concept and the topic of the event.

The type of event that it will be defines all the elements needed for a proper planning and coordination, due to it is not the same to organize a meeting, a product presentation or a corporate event.

Each of these types of events has different needs and requirements and it is vital to know all of them before starting the development of the planning.

Organización de eventos. Factores implicados
Elements of planing

3. Event plan development

For a correct development of the event it is essential to work out a comprehensive planning that allows you to control all the actors involved in the event.

Here you have to set important information such as the event dates, selected city and venue, budget items for every need, what activities will be developed during the event, hotels for guests, etc. It is also important to keep track of contact data of the companies involved, since a simple change can turn the entire event.

All this information can be displayed in a schedule or itinerary that will allow you to plan the activities. It should show the days of the event and a timming of everything that will be done from meetings, meals, activities, etc, as well as those responsible for each task.


Important things to keep in mind when planning your event:

  • Venue. We must find a venue that suits the needs required by the customer and is not far from where the guests are staying. It is important to have good connection and if it is a big group we need to have a parking area where to access with the buses.
  • Budget. The budget should always be requested so we can keep in mind items such as personnel costs, lighting, sound, technical, catering, security costs, wardrobe… It is always advisable to save a item for “unexpected costs”.
  • Technical Items. You should know what involves the technical assembly that you need. Days of preparation and assembly, if the venue has any material or installation ready, etc…
  • Decoration. Based on the concept and theme of the event you will have to decide how you will decorate the venue. It is important to consider issues such as lighting or other structures that may need a decorative printing (photocopying)
  • Permissions. Always keep in mind that depending on the number of participants expected to attend to the event we must apply for permission to the local authorities.For example, permission to ambulance, firefight, safety, etc…
  • Once you have determined all these points and factors, you need to determine details such as the choice of wines, menus, list of dishes, set up of tables, waiters per tables, room leaders…

4. Preparation of the event

Once specified everything necessary for the development of the event comes the preparation. Confirmation of services, marketing and communication tasks, invitations, put the venue, design menus, etc.

It is important that everyone knows his role, due to that in an event many factors are involved.

corporate events and business meetings
Corporate events and business meetings

If you want to know better our services for planning corporate events and business meetings, please contact us to explain you all that we can do for you or visit our website and discover the events that we have done.

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