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Prague. Your best option for an incentive trip

Incentive trips are one of the best tools for motivating and rewarding your team. This type of activities looks for to reinforce the team and generate that special kind of atmosphere which increases productivity and sales.


Premium Incoming is specialist in organizing this type of trips. We try to make sure that we have a clear understanding of the goal that the company pursues and keep this strategy during the incentive.

One of the main scenes where we organize the incentives trips is Prague. Also known as Golden City, Prague is an ideal city to work in your team and encourage your comradeship.

Its medieval and bohemian atmosphere makes it one of the most visited cities in Europe and one of the most chosen to realize MICE events, partly due to its wonderful venues, all of them full of magic and elegance.

Premium Incoming has developed a lot of activities to realize during the incentives trips in Prague.

What do you think is the feeling of driving a military truck or a tank? One of the most chosen and successful activity is Tank Driving. In this activity participants will be move to a former military base and feel in their own skin which is the sensation of driving a military tank on a battlefield. An unique and unforgettable experience.

Another successful activity is Black Light Theatre, one of the most singular and representative of Prague shows. This type of theatre is a theatrical performance style characterized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion. On the stage, the efforts of the actors and artists are combined with big-screen projections of featured or animated motion pictures, black theatre tricks and magic, with light, sound and emotive music effects.

Could you imagine a spies hunt game through the Prague streets? With Premium Incoming you can also do it. A game based on the resolution of various missions that will take us to hunt the spy. You can have ipads, binoculars, GPS, all the necessary gadgets to get catch the spy and solve the mission.

Spies hunt game

Spies hunt game

The Trabant Rally is also a good activity to encourage the teamwork. Divided into groups of 3, the participants will have to win the race while they resolve different missions and earn enough points. An adrenaline rush that seeks promotes the teamwork and solidifies the relationships among colleagues.

Trabant Rally

Trabant Rally


Premium Incoming can offer you many more activities for your incentive trip, as an ice hockey match, ship races; cocktail and Czech cooking workshops, etc.

If you are looking for incentive trips in the Czech Republic, contact us and let us tell you everything we can offer you.

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