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Keys to organize a successful team building

As we explained in our previous post, Team Building in Budapest, the Team Building is a funny and unique way to improve the teamwork and to strengthen and consolidate the relationship between the people from our team, as well as to promote the loyalty and the values associated to the company.


When you organize an event like this you should consider certain aspects that make your team building event a success:

Set clear goals

Before organizing an event like this, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve with it. You need to analyze your business and your employees and see what they need to be improved. From there you will be able to establish objectives and impose targets and decide on the team building activities you need to do.

Know your company

The philosophy and values of your company should be the center of all the activities, since one of the reasons to organize these types of events is to strengthen and engage your employees with the company.

Be creative

You must always try to surprise the audience, especially if they have ever participated before in such events. You must ensure that employees participate and socialize with each other and for this you must design an attractive and creative event, which invites to interact

We also recommend you to include activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Claves de éxito para el Team Building
Keys to organize a Team Building event

Date and duration of the event

It is advisable to organize this type of activities within working hours. Thus the employee will be more willing to participate and will not feel that you are substracting time of his spare time.

Regarding the duration it is best that last half day or a full working day (always with some resting time to maintain the interest and attention). Another option is to spend a whole weekend. Your team will receive it as a reward for their efforts and will have time to work on all the areas that need improvement and to so establish long and stronger relationships.

Select a suitable Place

It is crutial that the business will be conducted in a different space where the participants performe their daily work and that the venue allows you to perform the activities you have designed.
You should also suit the budget. Location is not important, what matters is the activity itself and what is being done with it.

Design the activities

A key for the success of your team building activity is to choose the activities that best suit your needs and that encourage group dynamics.

Depending on the aspects that need to be improved in your team you should design the Team Building activity in one way or another, since each activity fosters certain skills and goals.

Corporate Team Building Events
Corporate Team Building Events

The Surprise Factor

Keeping the wow factor increases the response of the participants and capture better their attention. You can tell something about the event or what it will consist on but you have to keep some surprises to keep the curiosity of your team.

In addition if you don’t reveal everything you won’t create false expectations.

Communication is important

It is crutial that the director of the company or organizer of the event opens and closes the event. With this kind of activities you will improve communication among your employees but you should be the one explaining what you want to achieve with it.

Some positive words always help the team to feel better and initial barriers will be removed.

Team Building
Team Building

So if you are thinking of organizing a Team Building program or an incentive trip for your company do not hesitate to ask us. We have a lot of to offer you.

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