What not to do in Portugal. Tips to organize an event

Worried about your trip to Portugal? if you want to spend the holidays in Portugal, organize a company event, a meeting, or an incentive trip in Portugal, you will find this tips quite useful.


Don’t go to Fado Tourist Restaurants

Well, don’t get me wrong Fado is part of Lisbon´s history and culture, but don’t go to the typical tourist fado restaurants, maybe the show will look good, but it is totally over-produced, with blase singers and overpriced food.

If you want to enjoy a real Fado experience then go to the genuine local “Tascas”  where the amateur fado singers come to sing beautiful fado at it’s best.

If you are in Lisbon don’t hesitate to go to the traditional Alfama’s neigborhood where this culture is truly alive.

to Fado Tourist Restaurants

to Fado Tourist Restaurants

Don’t Skip the Lisbon’s Oceanarium

If you are in Lisbon or near, you should visit the Oceanarium, this giant was built for the world expo 98. It is the second largest aquarium in Europe, behind L’Oceanographic in Valencia and one of the best of the world. In its habitat coexist over 15,000 of animals of more than 450 different species.

The building in which it is located is “floating” in the water and is accessed by walkways. During the Expo was named Ocean Pavilion and it was the most popular building.

If you are in holidays with children the Oceanarium is a must see visit, because there is also a family ticket with a price discount.

Ask for “coffee”

If you ask for a coffe you will get something similar for example an espresso, but not what you really want, dont ask for a coffe with milk either or even for a capuchino if you don’t want to look like a person shouting  HEY I’M A TOURIST!.

If you want your regular coffe ask for a “bica” or um café.

Don’t wear high heels

Girls, have you seen the traditional Portuguese pavement? It is basically cubes of stones placed all together, and it’s the same all across the country, here is an example:

Portugal's Street

Portugal’s Street

Yes, it’s very beautiful, but as you can see if you don’t want to destroy your feet or your high-heels leave it at home, your experience in Portugal would be better if you use tennis or other comfortable shoes.

Don’t go on a diet.

If you are planning on doing a diet for the summer and if you are obsessed about counting calories, just don’t go to Portugal is an advice.

Of course there are healthier options for your trip, like fish which is also a good choice but if you choose only the “diet way” you will miss more than a half flavor experiences of this country like toucinho do céu (heaven’s bacon) or baba de camelo (camel’s drool) maybe this one sounds strange but your mouth will be grateful with you

Just make sure you check your cholesterol before you go to Portugal.

Not to order a Francesinha:

This point is related with the previous one, Portuguese cuisine is very rich, you possibly know the bacalhau à Brás among other fishes is one of the best dishes to taste in Portugal, but if you want a real tasty challenge just go an order a francesinha.

It is just the typical Ham and cheese sandwich, but for brave people, put the triple cheese, then add a slice of cured meat one after another and put all the sauce you want, oh and don’t forget to add a fried egg.

Great! , now you have a heart-attack served in a plate but the taste will worth it.



Our personal advice: even it’s a good dish if you are planning to organize a gala dinner or an event in Portugal better order something softer for your guests.

Don’t speak or ask in Spanish or call them hispanic

This seems to be obvious, but a lot of people who visit Portugal forget the fact that Portugal it’s not Spain, both countries share the same place of terrain, named the Iberian Peninsula, and their languages are quite familiar, but Portuguese aren’t Spaniards, and they don’t like being confused with one.

In fact Portuguese speaks better English than Spaniards because in Portugal films aren’t dubbed so if you speak with a Portuguese in English it’s very sure he will understand you but remember don’t communicate in Spanish.

Don’t ask directly

Don’t forget to ask questions without first offering, “Bom dia,” (good morning) or “Boa tarde,” (good afternoon) greeting and always answer with “obrigado” (thanks) because Portuguese are very polite.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know Portuguese remember the point explained before, use the, “Good day/afternoon/evening” greeting and then what you want to say because Portuguese understand English perfectly.

Drink wine like you do in your home country

The wine of Portugal is very special and different comparing with other wines of the world, because it is sweet, according to that it is commonly used as a dessert wine or accompanied with cheese.



Now you know all the things you don’t have to do in Portugal what are you waiting to contact Premium incoming DMC and start planning your trip?

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