Prague: city of music

Prague is well known as the most beautiful city in the world


Not only because its unique architectural style surrounded by tunnels, Bohemian lamps, old bridges, beautiful squares and historical buildings, but also by its musical tradition.

Praguers live music with passion, it’s in their blood. As a good tradition most of the children learn how to play at least one musical instrument, so it is very common to listen music in almost every household in Czech Republic.

Since the 17th century Prague has become very important in the world´s music scenery.  For example; the city was chosen by Mozart to release its famous Opera Masterpiece Don Giovanni at the State Theatre and has been the birthplace of important of composers such as Antonin Dvorak, who composed the Symphony No. 9, “From the New World” –taken to the moon in 1969 by Neil Armstrong- and Bedrich Smetana, well known by his opera The Bartered Bride.

Where to enjoy music in Prague?

Visitors can enjoy music in Prague through history, architecture, culture and a festival; that’s why it should be considered as the perfect destiny for music lovers.

  • Walking along this fascinating city is a pleasure. Many street musicians play different music styles such as classical music, jazz and pop. You can find them wandering around Charles Bridge or Old Town Square, and get delighted by their quality.

Prague Musicians

  • Prague pubs are live music bars, places where you can enjoy the best experimental Jazz along with one of the best beers in the world, the Czech beer. These live jazz pubs are located at Malá Strana and the Jewish Quarter.
  • If you are looking for a unique experience and have the opportunity to listen to the most important Operas, then you must go to the Municipal House, headquarter of the Prague Symphony Orchestra or Rudolfinum headquarter of the Czech PhilharmonicIn these sceneries important Operas were performed for the first time.


  • Lobkowicz Palace, inside the Prague Castle is an incomparable framework to enjoy music. It holds concerts from different composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Smetada o Dvorak.


  • If you prefer to listen to the music while discovering beautiful buildings, you can take a Musical Cruise with live Jazz music. Besides, you can have an excellent dinner with beautiful views of the city.


  • Churches in Prague are the best places to listen to classical music because of their exceptional acoustic. Prague is full of churches but the most representatives are St Nicholas in Malá Strana, its organ was played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  St Simon and Jude in Old Town, is other important classical music spot, here is usual to see the Prague Symphony Orchestra, St Jamesis also well known to classical music lovers


Prague Music Festivals

Although plenty of concerts are hold in Prague during the whole year, they celebrate very important music Festivals such as:

Strings of Autumn Prague Festival

The perfect mix of different musical styles. It takes place from September to November. Here you can visit the official webpage for upcoming events.

Prague´s Spring Festival

The most important Classical Music Festival around the world. It begins in May and it is the window display of the best Symphony Orchestras, singers and chamber music. If you can not wait to buy your tickets, you can enter their official webpage to see the prices.

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