Adventure in Andorra

48 Hours of adventure in Andorra

Are you eager for some adventure? The Principality of Andorra it’s the place this winter! The Principat d’Andorra it´s a sovereign microstate located in Southwestern Europe in Pyrenees between Spain and France and this year it becomes the perfect Winter Spot for your Christmas Vacations or Incentive Trip.


Pack your coat, activate your adventurous spirit, and be ready to live the perfect 48 hours stay in Andorra. While visiting beautiful natural parks and landscapes, you will be able to enjoy of a great variety of activities such as snowmobiling, building your own Igloo, skiing, dog sledding, and relaxing at one world´s most famous spring water spas and more!.

Day 1

  1. Snowmobile:

    Get onto a snowmobile at Naturlandia and explore the scenery. The Park is located on the high plain in La Rabassa area.



You can choose between going on a group excursion with a guide showing the way or doing your own thing on a marked, signposted circuit. Evening excursions are also available.

  1. Lunch at Grandvalira Igloo Hotel:

    The Grandvalira Igloo Hotel is built entirely from ice and snow. It is a real igloo, especially decorated by our artists where you can have a different lunch experience. The Igloo Hotel has 5 independent bedrooms with room for up to 6 people (one of them is a suite with an en-suite bathroom and private Jacuzzi), and public areas with a bar-restaurant, toilets, terrace and Jacuzzi.

  2. Ski in Grandvalira:

    Grandvalira is the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees. It is situated in the east of Andorra, has more than 200 km of slopes, and hotels at the foot of the slopes in Encamp, Canillo, El Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig…among all. Some of its many services include a ski and snowboarding school, equipment rental service, booking centre, restaurants, snack bars and terraces.

  3. Dinner at Restaurant Roc de les Bruixes

    This is one of the most admired restaurants in the whole of Grandvalira, both for the quality of its mountain cooking with French, Andorran and Pyrenean touches and for the spectacular views of the valley from its magnificent terrace.  Located at 2,000 meters altitude, it opens its doors on Saturday evenings and special dates such as New Year’s Eve.

Restaurant Roc de les Bruixes

Restaurant Roc de les Bruixes

The restaurant is located just a short distance from a rock with prehistoric drawings, which carries the name “Roc de les Bruixes” or “Witches rock”, and which gives rise to a legend: the devil was expelled by the good witches of the area and, falling into the abyss, he left the marks of his claws on the wall.

Day 2

  1. Go Mushing:

    Dog sledges offer a fun and fascinating experience to discover great landscapes during the trail while stretching out on the sledge and letting yourself be carried along or driving your own sledge.

  2. Build an Igloo:

    An innovative and different activity where you will learn to construct snow bricks as a genuine eskimo. During the activity you learn how to insulate with snow to protect against cold.

Build an Igloo

Build an Igloo

  1.  Lunch and Relax during the afternoon at Caldea Spa:

    Under glass domes and with approximately 6,000 m² of water leisure areas, Caldea has a Spa Leisure Area in which water is the main feature in a magic atmosphere. Discover the pleasures and benefits of natural spa water through fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Hydro massage, currents, bubbles, waterfalls… spa water comes in all forms in Caldea to give a unique opportunity for relaxation and leisure.

We are sure that Andorra will exceed your desire for Adventure! At Premium Incoming we have a great variety of adventures and fun activities for your next trip. Contact us for more information…

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