Carnavales mas famosos de Europa

Europe’s 5 most famous Carnivals

The Carnival is around the corner and Europe do not get left behind during this festivity. Here’s a guide to the top five Carnivals held on the old continent…


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain

Santa Cruz Tenerife Carnival

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, is the second most popular and internationally known celebration after Brazil’s. Rhythm, color, luxury and, a lot of spectacle during fifteen days overflow the streets of this Canarian city.

For this year 2019, this celebration will take place from February 27 to March 10.

One of the main courses is the Queen’s Gala Election, which is usually held on Wednesday during the first week of festivities. Candidates are dressed in lavish and incredible costumes that weigh anything from 150 to 200 kilos. The theme for the costumes changes every year, with 2014’s “cartoon” dress code ensuring entries will be as animated as ever. For the entire week the people of Tenerife party to the rhythm of a lively Latin soundtrack, with performances by renowned artists such as Celia Cruz adding to the festive atmosphere.


Cologne, Germany


Cologne, Germany

Cologne Carnival

Cologne Carnival is one of Europe’s biggest, best & oldest carnivals; it is also referred by the locals as “the fifth season of the year”. Though officially it begins on 11 November at 11:11, the main Cologne Carnival events, which are called the “crazy days” don’t begin until the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. During the week-long carnival, bars and pubs know no closing time. In addition, in spite of the intense cold, people drink quietly in the streets the beer “kölsch” during this festivity of 5 days that this year will start on Thursday, 28th February and end on Tuesday, 5 March 2019.


Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy

Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival 2019 runs from February 16th until March 5th. Venice transforms during the carnival and it’s a must-see event. Ten days will fill Venecian streets and canals with masks, costumes and tourists. For those who visit this carnival, on Sunday, february 24th, the traditional “Volo dell’Angelo” will take place. One of the most eagerly awaited moments in which a young Venetian woman disguised as an angel climbs down with a rope from the bell tower to the Piazza San Marco.


Nice, France


Nice, France

Nice Carnival


The famous Carnival of Nice is one of the greatest cultural events of the French Riviera and one of the most important carnivals in the world and France. From 16th February to 2nd March 2019, come and dance to the rythym of this new edition of the Nice Carnival! Musicians and dancers will walk down the streets. A creative procession composed of 2 different events: the Carnival Parade and the Parade of Flowers will take place.

The perfect opportunity to discover Nice and the French Riviera, by enjoying a temperate time compared to the rest of France.


Cádiz, Spain


Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz Carnival

From Feb 28, 2019 to Mar 10, 2019, one of the most popular and characteristic carnivals declared as International Tourist Interest celebrates. The origins of the Cadiz Carnival date back to the 16th century, when it was one of the most important ports of the Spanish Empire, which meant the entry of a large flow of influences from around the world. In particular, Venice shared many commercial ties with Cadiz, among many others traditions.

Today, this tradition is considered as a ritual, and Cadiz people get prepare for this event with gastronomic specialities, “chirigotas” contests, parades and horse riding. Between the most outstanding acts are: the Great end, Official Contest of Carnival Groups at the Falla Theater, the coronation of the Carnival Goddess or the Magna Cavalcade.


Basel, Switzerland


Basil, Switzerland

Basil Carnival

From Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 of March, 2019. The Basel Carnival is the largest popular festival in Switzerland. It begins with the “Morgestraich” (the Monday after Ash Wednesday) when the clock of the tower of St. Martin touches the 4 of the dawn and the lights of the city are extinguished completely. It is then when the lights of the flashlights and the resounding crowd of basilican drummers and flute players fill the void of the night.

During the 72 hours of this carnival, the streets, bars and shops of the city center resonate with songs and fun local characters. Two large processions with more than 10,000 masked people walk down the streets on foot or in a float accompained by a good selection of music. Tour during which they throw confetti and distribute oranges, among other things as popular verses in their particular dialect.

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