Enjoy the cordoba mosque and want to have a unique experience

Premium Incoming offers you the chance to experience a fascinating private night time visit to the Córdoba mosque in a unique way discovering its incommensurable artistic beauty.


The light that bathes the monument allows you to experience the interior life that flows between its columns and its walls and brings you closer to its mystery and makes you feel like direct protagonist of its history.

Thanks to Consorcio de Turismo de Córdoba, the Cathedral institution and with the sponsorship of Plan de Excelencia Turística de Córdoba, it is now possible to discover the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba by night.  Besides, Premium Incoming offers the possibility of doing a private visit exclusively for you.

Premium Incoming leads you to a new way to understanding this singular monument, discovering aspects unknown until now, submerging you in experiences and transporting you,  by way of new technologies, on a trip in Time, through art and spirituality that will take you through the Monument´s history, its artistic value and its cultural and religious importance.

This night visit to one of the most impressive monuments, declared Heritage site of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1984, offers a new experience to visitors of this singular temple to admire its beauty. Thanks to new technologies you will discover through a unique journey travelling back in time, some unheard aspects of the Mosque, regarding Spanish art and culture and the complete history of this wonder.

This visit can be organized for groups of up to 80 people and you can request Premium Incoming to do it on an exclusively basis and can be provided in 8 languages simultaneously (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arab.)



An opportunity that you could not to be missed. If you would to make a reservation and discover one of the great wonders of the world do not hesitate to contact us and reserve your private nighttime visit.

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