There are very few countries like Spain, which offers this combination of history, culture, fun and nature. Beaches, islands, mountains, ski, historical cities, the sun, a healthy and exquisite cuisine and that unique atmosphere of its streets.
  • Spain has great tourism demand thanks to its cities, its climate, its beaches and its cuisine, both for business trips and leisure trips.
  • Good hotel infrastructure
  • Good price/quality ratio.
  • In Madrid, its capital, there are highlights such as the museums of El Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen Bornemisza, its terrace bars and the avenues lined with luxury brand shops.
  • In Barcelona, Gaudí's Modernisme and gastronomy.
  • Each city is unique - Seville, Granada, Ibiza, Valencia
  • Their "tablaos flamencos" where you can discover this art .
  • Good air connections.
  • Premium Incoming is an incoming tourism Destination Management Company in Spain.
  • We can organise all kinds of events with MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Events) Groups in Spain.
  • We can offer you wonderful venues to hold business meetings or special events.

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In Spain, the combination of history, gastronomy, leisure and nature offers many possibilities to create an incentive trip full of happiness and positivity.

In Barcelona

Learn to cook paella and visit the Boquería Market

Nothing is as good for team building as an experience at the kitchen stove to learn the secrets of Spain's most famous dishes.

You'll start with a visit to the Boquería Market, one of Barcelona's most traditional markets, where you can choose seasonal produce. A professional chef will teach you to prepare traditional Spanish dishes such as paella, gazpacho and tapas. The activity finishes with a tasting of the food prepared by the group, accompanied by some great wine.

Barcelona on a bike

Barcelona enjoys good weather all year long, which is why going on a guided bike tour is a great way of exploring the heart of the city and visiting the historic centre, the Gothic district, the sea front, Poble Nou, the Olympic district, etc.  This tour can be organised for day-time or night-time.

We also offer gym khana activities which can include visits to museums and monuments.

Helicopter flight

Barcelona is impressive from the sky. It's well worth experiencing a helicopter flight where you get to see all the city's main monuments. You can also enjoy looking down at the Catalan coast and the impressive views of Montserrat mountain and its monastery, from a unique viewpoint.

Barcelona Sky Tour (10 min.): Heliport, WTC, Commercial Port, Olympic Port, Villa Olímpica, Barceloneta, Forum, Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia, Eixample, Diagonal, Camp Nou, Montjuïc,Olympic Ring and heliport.

Catamaran and regattas

Water sports are perfect for Team Building. A team of professionals will guide your group, helping them discover what team work is needed to win a fleet regatta against other boats. And to celebrate a good day's work, you can also request a barbecue with champagne and background music on board.

GPS guided visit on a Gocar electric car

A very fun way of exploring Barcelona is driving a Gocar, an exclusive yellow convertible electric car that will guide you through the city, so you can visit all the tourist sights.
Treasure hunting with Gocar0

In Madrid

Tapas route

Madrid is great for going on tapas routes, going to 4 or 5 carefully selected bars to taste their excellent selection of tapas and wines. This way you can enjoy genuine Spanish food, such as its famous potato 'tortilla', chorizo cooked in cider, Galician octopus, cider from Asturias, Sherry from Andalucía and other regional specialities.

Hot air balloon flights in Madrid and Segovia

The feeling of floating in a hot air balloon is unique, and if you are flying over landscapes such as those of Madrid and Segovia, it is truly spectacular.

Visit to "El Castañar" bull rearing farm in Toledo and a mini bull-fight

The world's best fighting bulls are bred at El Castañar. We offer a tour of the farm, surrounded by oak and olive trees, where visitors can discover the Iberian pigs and the red wine vineyards.  To finish, a mini-bullfight, which consists of a training session with bullocks.

Rally Experience

Experience the thrill of driving a rally car. Pure adrenaline on board an N group Golf GTI, where you can practise rally driving techniques.   The activity starts with an information session and then moves to the race track to practise the braking curve (left foot brake), the Finnish driving technique and a timed section on a special track.

In Valencia

Challenge on the Beach

The beach is the perfect setting for Team Building, with very participative and dynamic activities that are ideal for working on strategy, collaboration and opposition, in an atmosphere of fun and getting to know the group.

Our team of animators and specialists are in charge of the activities as well as explaining, guiding and making the games dynamic, so that the group enjoys them and comes out more united.

Sailing team

The sea has always represented a setting of ideal learning, with extraordinary symbolism for the corporate world. In the style of the America Cup regattas, teams will sail and try to cover a circuit marked with buoys in less time than rival sail boats.

A spectacular challenge in a privileged setting, facing the city of Valencia

Pirate Gymkhana

Team building to exercise skills such as fighting, mental alertness and humour with a pirate theme.

An impressive activity with professional actors where attendants are encouraged to participate in tests and activities related to piracy, very common in the waters of Eastern Spain.

Activity lasting 2 to 3 hours, for a group of between 30 and 100 persons.

In addition you can also hire a boat or catamaran for the activity.

Skydiving in Valencia

If you are searching for an activity with which to surprise the employees of your company, we propose a skydiving team building activity for the workers to get their adrenaline flowing, while they skydive as a group from a height of 4,000 metres. Skydiving is the perfect activity to break everyday routine and forget stress. When sharing such powerful experiences, bonds are strengthened and the work atmosphere is improved.

In Seville

Tapas route

Seville is best discovered by bar hopping, tasting its excellent selection of  tapas and wines. At lunch time (from 1pm to 4pm) or dinner time (from 8pm to 11pm) discover the famous "tapeo" -  the most enjoyable, most popular way of eating in Spain.

There are several routes available, each centred on a particular neighbourhood, and they last approximately 3 hours.

Seville cooking lesson

A great way to do Team Building is cooking as a team and discovering how to prepare traditional Andalusian dishes, very influenced by the region's Moorish legacy.
A professional chef will give you a private cooking lesson, where you will learn to prepare gazpacho, Spanish tortilla and other tasty dishes.  The activity finishes with a tasting of the food prepared by the group.

Learn to dance Flamenco

In Southern Spain, flamenco can be felt everywhere. A combination of dance, guitar, singing and clapping, which this workshop will help you understand and enjoy, with a professional flamenco dancer to help you discover this art in all its glory. A delicious dinner at the restaurant is the perfect way to round off your evening.

Seville on a bike

Seville enjoys good weather all year long. That is why going on a guided bike tour is a great way of exploring the heart of the city and visiting all of the sites of cultural interest, exploring its streets and interacting with the locals.

Donkey polo game

The Andalusian sense of humour has come up with this unique kind of polo, where players are on donkey back. It is a 'rustic' version of a polo game, and a great Team Building activity.

In Granada

Las Alpujarras on horseback

The Sierra de la Alpujarra, which has seduced so many artists and nature lovers, is a marvellous landscape to enjoy Andalusian horses and explore its hills, with views of Sierra Nevada.

Every hour there is a horse-riding class. There are also children's parties organised.

Arab Baths at Hammam Al-Ándalus

Arabs, in their cult of pleasure, already enjoyed the relaxing feeling of baths and massages, aromas and tastes. Now you can also relax at Granada's Hammam, the first in Europe, located in a privileged place, at the feet of the Alhambra.

Activities in Sierra Nevada's snow

The snow makes it possible to organise many Team Building activities, which feature safety, fun, challenges and learning. Some examples of team activities that we can organise for your company this winter:

  • Treasure hunt, which combines strategy and orientation, walking through the snow for 2 hours.
  • Challenge in the snow: Half-day activity where you can enjoy the snow, sliding on all sorts of vehicles, such as rafting, snow bikes, Mini Bobs, etc.
  • Participating in a White Biathlon with rackets and target practice.
  • Golf Tournament in the snow, a different way of practising this sport for 3 hours.
  • 3 hour cross with Mini Bobs, the fun sledges which allow surprising control.
  • Reinforcing team work with half a day of games in the snow, conceived for fun, formative Team Building activities.
  • Treasure hunt in the Alpujarras.

In Ibiza

Flower Power Dinner

A good party is always good for getting morale up, and in this activity, everyone can show their "hippy-est" side and let themselves get carried away by the values of the event: peace, love, flowers, brilliant colours and sparkling happiness.

Making kites

Making a kite is a great way of cultivating your skills and your patience, and its ultimate reward is the feeling of freedom and triumph when you see your creation fly. A significant activity in the East, considered as a kind of meditation exercise intertwined with the element of the wind and the need to adapt to its changes.

Jeep Safari

The experience of exploring new paths and making way through nature with this jeep safari in Ibiza. A visit that takes visitors to areas less known by tourists, along roads, small streets and difficult terrains, with stops along the way to admire the nature and the beaches, and to take a refreshing dip. We will also access a genuine, traditional Ibiza house to enjoy a great meal.

Scooter Tour

Scooters own the islands, as they are by far the best way of getting around. We propose this fun visit, where all members of the group can drive their own Scooter. A trip that starts at the highest point of the fortified city, declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. We will then continue exploring the main tourist sites of Ibiza's oldest town: Dalt Vila. We will finish off by visiting the glamorous beach of 'Las Salinas'.

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