Other destinations in Germany

Germany is famous for its beer and sausages, but, as the world's third most powerful economy, it has a great deal more to offer its visitors, whether they are travelling for business or leisure, from the stunning nature of its wonderful forests, mountains and lakes, to its bustling cities filled with history.
  • Berlin, the capital, offers visitors the chance to explore the remains of the Wall, which include Checkpoint Charlie and a commemorative museum, the Siegessäule monument and the Unter den Linden Boulevard.
  • There are many differences between cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin and Hamburg and Germany's richer, industrial cities such as Munich, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf. Millions of people come here every year, drawn to its wide range of sports and culture activities.
  • Excellent infrastructure.
  • 30 German monuments are World Heritage sites, such as Museum Island, in Berlin, Cologne Cathedral, the historic centres of Stralsund and Bamberg or the classical city of Weimar.
  • Germany's cuisine is so much more than sausages - there are also traditional recipes from every region, such as the Sauerbraten, a marinated meat roast; Kasseler, smoked pork steak, or Knödel, dumplings made with a whole variety of ingredients.
  • We can offer you wonderful venues where you can hold company meetings or special events.

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Germany has breathtaking landscapes and innovative ideas for creating different group activities, ensuring your incentive trip will be truly special.

In Berlin

Trabant Rally

A unique tour of Berlin on a "Trabi", which used to be East Germany's most commonly used car. Each Rally starts off with a game in which participants split into groups and choose a driver, a co-pilot and passengers, who, equipped with a route map, must complete a series of tasks in the city and be the first to cross the finishing line. Each group may be accompanied by a city guide who shows them sights of interest along the route.

Bunker tour

Guided visit of Berlin's bunker world, providing visitors with a very different perspective on the city. Different tours will lead visitors through civil shelters, complex bunkers and the Underworld museum.

Driving a tank

You can't possibly know what it's like to drive such a powerful vehicle, until you actually drive it! And that is precisely what we offer - a great team building activity for all those looking for action-packed fun.
The base is located in the town of Steinhöfel, which is approximately 80 km from Berlin. There are different options:

  • Driving the tank: each participant can drive the tank for about 15 minutes, crossing rivers, mud or driving through a forest.
  • Driving a high speed tank with an experienced driver, in groups of 10 people.
  • Driving over a car: driving the tank over a small car in the path.
Beer tour

Berlin is famous for its beer breweries. For three hours, you can visit several old breweries such as Georgbräu, Bauhaus Mitte and Lindenbrau as well as other places of interest. The tour includes 1 beer in each brewery, finishing off with German sausages and bretzels at the famous Sony Center brewery.

Scaling the façades

For people who like to live on the edge, there's nothing quite like descending the façade of a 4 star hotel from vertiginous heights to enjoy the breathtaking views, while safely secured in a harness.

In Hamburg:

Speed boat trip

This city, dominated by rivers, can be visited at full speed, skimming the waves at 100 kilometres per hour on a rigid inflatable boat (RIB), and enjoying an experience which you will never forget.

River cruise

Great rivers flow into Hamburg, which also known as "The Gateway to the World". Why not enjoy a cruise along the rivers, stopping at bars along the riverside, where you can sip on a refreshing beer.

Kiez Safari

A guided visit to the city's red-light district, where you can take in the alternative cultural scene. A Hamburg guide will show the group things they will have never seen before, at a sex shop, a condom factory and along the famous große Freiheit and Herbertstraße,  which is not accessible to women. Lastly, you'll finish it off with a local liquor, the "Saurer Paul", and you can tuck into a delicious Kiez menu at one of the traditional restaurants of the Reeperbahn.

Canoe race with barbecue

A group canoe competition, where teams go through the canals until they reach Lake Alster. Efforts are rewarded with medals for winners and a drink and a tasty barbecue for everyone on the banks of the lake.

Sand sculpture workshop

The magnificent beaches of the Baltic coast are very near Hamburg. Here, your group can give free reins to their creativity in the sand sculpture workshop to create their work of art as a team or individually.

In Munich:

A beer bar on wheels

The coolest way to combine bikes and a love of beer is this vehicle with room for 16 people and a bar with a beer tap, to make sure you are well served while you enjoy your tourist route or tailor-made tour, for instance between the hotel and the conference room.

Visit to the Weissbier brewery

Visit and tasting at the world's most popular weissbier brewery, accompanied by a Bavarian snack, with wheat beer, white sausages and bretzels.

Rafting on the River Isar

If your group is up for a great adventure, how about descending the River Isar on a wooden raft, just like the ones built 100 years ago. It is a unique experience that will make for a truly unforgettable day.

Views from Munich Olympic stadium

From the top of this incredible structure, built for the summer Olympic Games of 1972, the views are exceptional, but the best thing is to go down abseiling 40 metres - only for the bravest!

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