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The Czech Republic is one of the Old Continent's newest countries - proof that its history has been tumultuous, but it is, nevertheless, a happy country. Happy and melancholy. Where music forms part of daily life.
  • Prague, its capital, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is a dreamlike city, with a bohemian charm and a marked Medieval atmosphere.
  • Beyond Prague, is the Brno Castle, Cesky Krumlov, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, the medieval town of Telc, and the Rustic Baroque villages such as Holašovice.
  • Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals stand side by side Jewish monuments and sites, such as the famous Prague cemetery.
  • Good air connections
  • Good quality/price ratio both for business and leisure trips.
  • A cuisine including generous soupy dishes of stewed meat, game, and more traditional, simple dishes such as Vepřo-knedlo-zelo: roast pork accompanied by pasta and cabbage.
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The Czech Republic, with its tumultuous past, offers innovative activities for unique incentive trips.
Driving a tank

You can't possibly know what it's like to drive such a powerful vehicle across sand and water, until you actually drive it! And that is precisely what we offer in this activity - a unique experience.
Black Theatre

Black Theatre has become a speciality in Prague, where many theatres use this unique light to create incredible, magical illusions.

Cocktail workshop

A workshop where you can learn to prepare the best-known cocktails and recreate those unique relaxing, luxurious occasions that occur when you taste a great drink.
Specialists will show you the
basic rules of cocktail preparation, and then you can get a taste of making more complex drinks, ending with a spot of cocktail juggling. And to finish it off, a demonstration of Freestyle cocktails.

Bond-style spy hunting

An exhilarating activity where you can enjoy the thrill of being a double 0 agent. The group is split into small spying units, which receive all the necessary equipment to fulfil their mission and neutralise the attack of the 'red ties'.
Each team must find hidden envelopes, blind maps, decode secret messages and even deactivate bombs.

Czech cooking workshop

A cooking workshop that starts off as a treasure hunt, where participants receive a basket, a map of Prague and a dictionary to find the recipes, ingredients and the restaurant where a professional chef will teach you to prepare traditional Bohemian dishes.

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