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Austria is the country of the waltz, the Blue Danube, Baroque art and grand palaces where Empress Sissi and Franz Joseph danced.
  • Experience nature in its full splendour in Austria, with its Alpine summits and its dozens of lakes.
  • The rightful heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Habsburgs.
  • Vienna, the capital, has welcomed great composers such as Strauss, Beethoven  and Mozart.
  • Other cities of interest are Salzburg and Graz, for both business and leisure trips.
  • In its famous cafés visitors can savour delicious cakes such as the Sachertorte.
  • There are plenty of luxury hotels such as the famous Palais Hansen Kempinski in Vienna.
  • We can offer you wonderful venues to hold business meetings or special events.

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Austria is the country of the waltz and the grand palaces that have inspired the activities we suggest for incentive trips.
Waltz classes

Before going to a ball in Vienna, you have to practise the waltz, a three four time dance that Strauss triumphantly brought to the world

At the famous Elmaver dance school, which organises great events such as the Opera Ball, you can learn the basic steps in 30-40 minutes.

Tour in horse-drawn carriage

In the past, carriages were the main means of transport in Vienna. Today they are a popular tourist attraction, which make it possible for visitors to discover Vienna from a different point of view.

"Apfelstrudel" Seminar

Discover the secrets to preparing the well-known apple strudel, with the help of an experienced patissier. From preparing them to baking them, this is a great activity to share as a team.

Segway Tour of Vienna

An original, fun way of moving around the city, which is always sure to attract attention. Slide around the city centre at your own pace on board this advanced personal transport system, designed to travel on the pavements without getting tired. It is also equipped with a GPS which acts as a tourist guide, commenting on Vienna's best known and most colourful sites.

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